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Date Ideas: Secret Cinema

Thursday June 22, 2017

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Secret Cinema started back in 2011 and has evolved into one of the biggest interactive theatre events in London.

So what exactly is secret cinema?

Secret Cinema have created a unique cinematic experience which consists of a fully interactive world in which you can walk through, they have actors playing the characters from the film and for the main event you have the movie.

If you’ve never been to one of there previous shows let me tell you about the recently finished show, Moulin Rouge.

Surely, we all know about the Moulin Rouge film by Baz Luhrmann made way back in 2001?

The film has tons of interesting characters and colorful costumes, perfect for the Secret Cinema experience.

I was lucky enough to attend its last weekend of its long-term run. Unfortunately, you wont be able to attend this production but this review might get your juices flowing for the next one and no need to worry about spoilers.

The tickets aren’t exactly cheap but if you think about it, you are getting a film (£20 these days at a cinema) and a west end show (£35 plus) so it’s well worth it.

With Moulin Rouge you are given a character, which you need to portray and dress up as. I was given the character of Louis Merante, an aging dancer.

They send you costume ideas, which unfortunately for me was rather impossible to find and after finding a suitable outfit it was going to cost me £100 for a weeks rental, but really just for one nights use.

I opted to style out my own costume from my own wardrobe and charity shops.

The list of characters range from Comedians, Criminals, Dancers, Actors, Writers, Models, Prostitutes and Artists, all which feature in the world of the film, residing in the Montmartre Quarter.

So now you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go, literally nowhere to go as they don’t reveal the location until a week before, hence SECRET Cinema.        

However, once you do find out and are given your arrival time, this is where the fun really starts. My date and I rocked up to the secret location in London, my date looking drop dead gorgeous in a green corset.

The queue was rather long as expected but moved unbelievably fast so it wasn’t long before we were in and my jaw dropped. After walking through a short tunnel the smoke machines started to kick in, and when walking through what felt like a Stars in their eyes moment we were greeted with 1900’s Parisian street.

There were bars, Champagne stands, life drawing, poster printing and of course and absinthe bar.

The streets are filled with punters in full costume and of course actors playing the characters from the film and then all of a sudden out of nowhere they all burst into song, even the punters get involved!

Once you have had a few Champagnes and the film is about to start, you are ushered through to the theatre which has been designed just like the Moulin Rouge and instantly the stage in front of the screen is filled with dancers and performers putting on a whirlwind show where we meet the main characters including Zidler who runs the Moulin Rouge.

After the stage empties and the film begins and its not long till we are at the first song and again out of nowhere the main characters are out performing the scene right in front of us and singing the song in live time.

This happens through out the film with the audience getting involved with boos for the bad guy and cheers for the lovers.

After the film has ended the audience pours back into the streets of Montmartre and you can continue to enjoy all the attractions and absinthe bar.

I know that this won’t be something you can participate in but believe me they will be back with a new production. I first attended Secret Cinema back in 2012 for One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and they have only got bigger and better so keep your eye out for their next show, its sure to be incredible.



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