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Tourist attractions that make surprisingly good date ideas

Friday September 1, 2017

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London has a lot to offer, I mean there are hundreds of bars, pubs and pop-ups all over that each have their own well thought out theme, environment or quirk.

Of course, these places always make for a great date idea but it’s a little predictable even if it is a bit different or unique.

Now I’ve lived in London for coming on 8 years and I still haven’t done half of the touristy things, there are quite a few on offer.

But surprisingly these places make for great date ideas and its even more surprising how many Londoners haven’t done them either, whereas they probably more than likely will have been to a bar before.

Here’s just three of the many attractions that I think are great date ideas and just that little bit different from a drink down the local.

Number 1 comes with my highest recommendation, wait for it....The London Dungeons! What a great date, I’m telling you if someone took me to the London Dungeons on a date I’d be calling my mother straight after telling her I’d found the one.

Its fun, scary and educational. That makes it three fold and people are more open and more themselves in these types of situations. It will also make bring you closer together emotionally and physically, looking to rely on each other to make it through the experience.

Psychologists also say that if you wear red and take a date somewhere scary they will be more attracted to you, so stick on those red trousers you’ve been keeping for a rainy day.

Number 2 has to be the V & A or other fine London museum for that matter. If you know the person well enough already to know what they might like or at least have a decent idea of there personality then there is always pretty cool exhibitions going on and some weird ones.

I once nearly took a girl I was dating to go and see a history of underwear exhibit at the V & A but we weren’t free when it was on, which was a damn shame.

These exhibits can be fun, interesting and you also get to know a lot about someone through art, I think anyway.

Also it’s a great alternative to just getting drunk together, after all the long term goal is to be able to spend time with this person sober. Plus a lot of these exhibitions are free.

Number 3 is a little bit of a wildcard , it’s the London Aquarium. I say wild card not because it’s a bit different but because its probably the most pricey of the three. Although its not hard to find cheap tickets online or offers floating about.

So why is it a great date idea, well it’s a little bit romantic, under the water with the lights shimmering through, while fish and sharks swim around you. Its like a scene out of a James Bond film. I mean you’ll want to go at night rather than during the day when all the families with screaming kids are there. All in all not a bad date if you ask me!

So there you have it some surprising date ideas that you might have not even been to yourself. I think they’re a nice change from the old dink especially if its more of a date date rather than the initial meet and greet. You can always go for a drink before or after but making a little effort just shows you care.


Stuart is one of our regular hosts and over the years has become something of an expert in dating. Watch out for his regular posts full of dating tips and advice.