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Netflix and Chill – British TV Comedies

Tuesday September 12, 2017

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After the recent Bank Holiday, I found myself nursing a hangover from hell and found myself needing some help in the form of Haribo, Irn Bru and Netflix.

As they say laughter is the best medicine so straight to the comedy section I went and found myself looking for what felt like an hour. Not the most decisive person when I’m hungover clearly, I needed a more structured approach.

Now a lot of these new comedies shows are recycled jokes from older shows, probably from Friends. So I thought it would be best to stay away from the new American TV shows, most of which are remakes of British shows anyway like The Office and Shameless, and watch some good old British TV shows.

As Scotland is still part of Britain and one of our finest comedy exports is on Netflix I’m going to start with the TV series Still Game.

Not many of you will have heard of Still Game no doubt, having aired the first 6 seasons on BBC Scotland, then had a short break before making its debut on BBC 1 last year with a brand new series, its very unlikely you will have seen this or even heard of it.

This is Scottish humour at its finest, following the OAP’s Jack and Victor on their adventures around Craiglang. This pair still know how to have a good time even in their old age and so do the local residents.

The Scottish humour will not alienate viewers and you will find it easily relatable, as we all have grandparents and who doesn’t find Billy Connolly funny!

Now I couldn’t make a list of TV comedies without adding the comedy of comedies, Faulty Towers.

This show will forever have a place in the Comedy Hall of Fame. We’re now lucky enough to have it on our favourite legal streaming site, Netflix.

If you haven’t seen an episode of Faulty Towers, I’m not sure how, people leaving under rocks will still have seen it, you need to watch it right now!

I don’t think there will be a show that could ever come close to Basil Faulty and the staff/guests of the Faulty Towers hotel. A little bit of trivia for you is that the character Basil Faulty was based on a real Glaswegian Hotel owner who was apparently even more angry than the fictional character.

My last recommendation is a little bit of a wildcard as it is more of a documentary than a comedy and technically set all over the world (mostly in America). It is of course Louis Theroux.

The British Filmmaker travels the globe speaking to all sorts of weird and wonderful people and extremists on taboo subjects we wouldn’t dare discuss even if we hadn’t heard of them.

This combination of Louis Theroux and the people he finds himself documenting really make for a comedy explosion that is something quite special.

His dry wit and intelligence really does have you hooked, as well as learning something new about the bizarre world we live in.

I hope these choices well help you with future hangovers or even just when you need a good giggle, as much as they helped me. I like to think that I’ve gave you a good range too, with no two really the same.

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