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Date Ideas: Best Pub Crawls In London

Thursday September 7, 2017

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When it comes to British pastimes, going down the pub has to be right up there with the most popular.

And what’s better than going to one pub? Going to 2,3 or even 6 pubs of course.

We all have a pub around the corner from us, the local we like to frequent more often than not, but every now and again its good to go on a little adventure.

For this blog, I’ve picked three pub hotspots for a good old-fashioned pub-crawl.

Places in London that have a high concentration of good boozers in walking distance.

One of my favourite areas for a said pub-crawl has to be Angel, more specifically Upper Street. It’s filled with cool bars and even the odd quirky pub, I mean it really does have all the ingredients for every possible night out.

You have a Spoons to start the night nice and cheap. Ideally placed right opposite the station which after that flat pint, you want to be heading east where its near impossible not to find a pub.

What’s great about Upper Street is the outside space available, perfect for the warmer months. Almost every pub has seats outside, perfect for catching up with friends and even a spot of people watching.

The pubs have some great grub on offer but there’s also some fantastic eateries such as Five Guys and Franco Manca Pizza.

Now depending on how you want the night to go, you could just continue pub to pub till you reach Highbury Islington not that you could manage that much beer, or maybe dance the night away in somewhere like The Ladybird or Dirty Martini.

You might prefer to catch a show at the Kings Head, a fantastic Pub Theatre. Or even go for some Karaoke at the Lucky Voice. Upper Street really does cater for every whim.

For more of an alternative night out why not try Camden, great for an early start, maybe down the canal at one of the many bars on the water, I’d try Lock 17 bang on the water.

Watch the boats go passed while sipping on a fresh cider and ice. After a few drinks, why not take a walk through the Market, but careful you don’t end up buying a bag load of stuff you don’t really need just cause you’ve had a few drinks.

Also, the food stalls are going to be filling the air and nostril with the delicious and thoroughly enticing smell of mouth-watering food. Perfect to grab a bite on the way to next drinking spot.

Also filled with Pub Theatres, you can find some fantastic comedy nights and improv troupes, there’s also plenty live bands kicking about.

Give Bar Fly a try for some live music. The Worlds End is a good pub to start with located conveniently opposite the tube station and is a big boozer so you will never be short of space.

Clapham High Street is the perfect pub-crawl, it’s a straight line for a start and filled with bars and places to eat. I mean its just ideal.

I would start at the Clapham North Station end, maybe in the pub opposite called the Clapham North, where you can watch Live Sports then make my way up towards Clapham Common Station, with a bar at least every second building you’ll never have a dry mouth.

Why not pop into Adventure Bar for a spot of beer pong?

With fast food joints and plenty of burger places you’ll never go hungry but I would recommend Bodeans where you’ll find the best meat south of the river, I love the Burnt Ends there.

After some grub end over to Staines Street Syndicate for music and even a spot of Ping-Pong or if you’ve had enough booze for one day you could always catch a film at the Clapham Picturehouse.

Just writing this has made me fancy a cold one! I know what I’ll be doing next weekend (I’ll be at our HUGE lock and key party on Saturday night!) and who knows are paths might cross over.

Have a good weekend whatever you do.


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