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It's nice to be niche

Thursday November 1, 2018

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As dating event organisers of long standing you might think we’d have developed a high degree of understanding of relationship compatibility. The recipe to the secret sauce that explains why people get together and start to date.  

It’s time to fess up, we don’t have a clue. But that’s OK, because the years spent immersed in this world have taught us one thing, no one else understands it either.

But, whilst we don’t have the whole formula, what we do know is there are things that improve peoples chances of meeting someone they will click/feel a spark/get butterflies with.

Now, a low-level example would be home location. People that live in a certain area may well have things in common in terms of life and career stage and more. Another easy one is age group. People generally want to meet people of a similar age group, this we all know.

This got us to thinking, if we made our events even more niche, would even more people get together at them?

Of course, most single people are generally not seeking to meet a mirror image of themselves. That would be strange but, in most cases, singles will have strongly held core beliefs, nice to haves or even deal breakers that form part of their decision making when looking for someone to date.

Some Christians, for example would not consider dating a non-Christian so an event just for Christians is far more likely to bear fruit for them.

Likewise, vegans and vegetarians may prefer to date others with the same dietary preferences. Please see our special Vegan and Vegetarian speed dating if this sounds like you. (This is first one is Tuesday Nov 13th it’s looking like it will sell out)

We’re dipping our toe into this brave new world of niche speed dating events and we’ve got plenty of ideas in the pipeline but we always welcome feedback from our readers and clients.

If you can think of a niche event that you think would be a success, please do get in touch. There’s a great change we’ll run with it.