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Curated Dating™ - the future of dating events?

Thursday August 20, 2020

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Speed dating as a way to meet people has been around since the early 2000s. Whist it's popularity has been well proven throughout this time, there's always room for improvement and innovation in an established marketplace. 

What do we love about speed-dating?

The chance to meet a large number of potential partners in a short space of time. People usually take only a few minutes to decide if they have a connection with someone and want to get to know them more.

Unlike online dating apps you get to meet people and see what people actually look like and how they act in real life. This is opposed to viewing perfect pictures and well crafted bios you often see on dating apps.

Furthermore, speed dating does away with the weeks spent messaging back and forth often without ever having a real conversation, often waiting for hours or days to get a response.

This is what makes us so passionate about speed-dating events, whether virtual or in real life, and keeps us creating them for you!

How can we improve speed dating?

One of the areas where dating apps currently excel over speed-dating is the algorithms many of them use to match you with potential partners. By asking you questions about areas such as your personality, lifestyle, and physical attributes, apps can offer matches who are better suited to each other, giving a better chance of finding love.

The apps can use AI to learn what you are looking for and make accurate suggestions of potential matches. It's clever stuff.  

Curated speed-dating

Using this information we have been investigating methods for offering events where the people who come together are not just matched on their gender and age-group, but in other areas as well. This has led to the birth of Curated Dating™.

We have plenty of great ideas in store for you lucky daters but we are starting with a short questionnaire that helps us define your 'type'. Once we have this info we can personally invite you to specially curated events where everyone you meet should be compatible from the get go. We hope this will supercharge the effectiveness of our events and we're very excited about what this means for speed dating events both on an offline. 

This week we sent out an email to all our members asking them to fill out this questionnaire and we have had an amazing response (thanks to everyone who has filled this out). Our systems are busy crunching the data and the first invitations will be going out very soon.

Watch this space for exciting curated dating events coming soon, and if you have yet to fill out this questionnaire please do so now!





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