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Home Blog Which is better? Meeting someone face to face vs in app

Which is better? Meeting someone face to face vs in app

Friday May 5, 2023

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In today's world, it's common to meet new people through dating apps or social media. However, meeting someone in person can be very different from meeting them online. Here are some differences between meeting someone face-to-face versus in an app.

  1. Body language: When meeting someone in person, body language plays a significant role in communication. You can pick up on subtle cues, such as eye contact, gestures, and posture, that can give you a better understanding of a person's feelings and intentions. In contrast, when meeting someone through an app, you miss out on these nonverbal cues.
  2. Authenticity: Meeting someone in person can give you a more authentic experience. It's easier to be yourself and show your true personality when you're not hiding behind a screen. Online conversations can sometimes feel contrived or forced, and it can be harder to get a sense of who someone really is.
  3. Time and place: When meeting someone in person, you have more control over the time and place of the encounter. You can choose a location that is convenient and comfortable for both of you, and you can make plans that fit your schedules. With online interactions, there may be limitations on when and how you can communicate.
  4. Safety: When meeting someone in person, safety is always a concern. You can gauge a person's trustworthiness and intentions by meeting them face-to-face, and you can take precautions to ensure your own safety. With online interactions, there is always a risk of meeting someone who is not who they claim to be.
  5. Context: When meeting someone in person, you have the benefit of context. You can observe the person in their environment, interact with them in real time, and get a sense of their personality and demeanour. With online interactions, you may only see a snapshot of a person's life or personality, and it can be harder to get a complete picture of who they are.

In summary, meeting someone face-to-face can be very different from meeting them online. While both methods have their pros and cons, meeting in person allows for more authentic communication, gives you control over time and place, and allows you to gauge a person's trustworthiness and intentions. Online interactions can be convenient and accessible, but they lack the nuances of real-life interactions.



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