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How to know if they’re into you

Thursday May 2, 2024

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It really is up there as one of life’s mysteries – how to know if the person you like is into you too! Whether you're crushing hard on someone or you're just curious about the signals we decode the subtle (and not so subtle) hints of attraction.

Body Language

You’re chatting with your crush, and they start leaning in, mirroring your movements, or playing with their hair. Ding, ding, ding! These are all classic signs that someone's into you. Body language speaks volumes, so keep an eye out for those little cues that scream, "I'm interested!"


The Eye Contact

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul! If your crush is locking eyes with you more often than not, you might just be in luck. Prolonged eye contact can indicate a deep connection and genuine interest. So, next time you catch their gaze lingering a little longer, don't look away too quickly!


The texting is fun

In today's digital age, decoding texts has become an art form. If your crush is hitting you up with a barrage of emojis, responding promptly, or initiating conversations, it's a sign they're digging your vibe.


They’re flirty with you

Flirting is like a secret language only the interested parties understand. If your crush is teasing you, complimenting you, or finding excuses to touch you (even if it's just a playful shove), they're probably trying to flirt their way into your heart. Embrace it and see where it takes you.


Friendship or More?

Sometimes, the line between friendship and romance can get a bit blurry. However, if your crush is going out of their way to spend time with you, sharing personal stories, or dropping hints about future plans together, chances are they're not just in it for the friendship bracelet but that something more.


They pay attention

If your crush remembers your favourite song, your pet's name, or that embarrassing story you shared ages ago, they're definitely invested in getting to know you on a deeper level. We only tend to remember the quirks and personal stories of those who we adore. So if they reference back to a previous conversation, you’re definitely adored.


Talking about the future

Keep an ear out for those subtle hints about the future. If your crush casually drops phrases like "we should do that together sometime" or "I'd love to take you there someday," they're not just talking about hypothetical scenarios. They're envisioning you in their future plans, and that's a pretty clear indication that they're into you.

While there's no foolproof formula for deciphering someone's feelings, these signs can certainly point you in the right direction. Remember, love (or like) is a wild rollercoaster ride, And who knows? Maybe your crush is just a hint away from confessing their feelings too!


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