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The guide to playful flirting

Thursday May 23, 2024

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Flirting. We tend to overplay this in our head. Flirting is simply making someone else feel good in your presence. It’s a combination of witty banter, coy smiles, and subtle gestures that can make hearts skip a beat. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned flirt, we cover the basics of this delightful artform and share some great tips on how to up your game.

Confidence is key

When you walk into a room, you need to believe you are absolutely fabulous. Confidence is like a magnet; if you believe you’re amazing, other’s will too and this is a great way to seem irresistible and attract people. Try It out!

Eye contact is fantastic

Locking eyes with someone across the room can send shivers down your spine – in a good way, of course! But remember, there’s a fine line between a lingering gaze and a creepy stare. Keep it playful and brief, like a fleeting connection that leaves them wanting more.

The power of a smile

Once you have locked attention with your eyes, the next thing to do would of course be to smile. A genuine smile can light up your face and melt even the iciest of hearts. Flash those pearly whites and let them know you’re into them by lighting up your face.

Conversation is an art

Flirting can also bounce back and forth. You can take turn leading and following, teasing and laughing. Ask open-ended questions, listen attentively, and sprinkle in a dash of humour to keep the vibe light and breezy. Don’t forget to compliment your date – a sincere compliment can work wonders in building rapport and making them feel special in your presence.

Body language speaks volumes

Pay attention to the signals you’re sending out. Lean in closer, tilt your head slightly, and mirror their movements to create a sense of connection. And if you’re really feeling bold, a gentle touch on the arm or a playful nudge can send the message that you’re into your date.


In the age of technology, flirting has taken on a whole new dimension. From playful emojis to witty GIFs, texting has become a playground for flirting aficionados. Send you’re crush a compliment perhaps following up on your last date. Tell them how they looked fabulous or how you enjoyed the evening. This shows you’re paying attention to detail even after your date.

Authenticity is a must

Authenticity is the key to genuine connection, so embrace your quirks, flaws, and all. There is nothing more attractive than someone who’s comfortable in their own skin. So be open and honest with your feelings. Your crush will appreciate this.


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