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Home Blog Quickfire Quizzing: The Top 10 Questions Asked at Speed Dating Events 

Quickfire Quizzing: The Top 10 Questions Asked at Speed Dating Events 

Wednesday June 19, 2024

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Speed dating – it’s like a social relay race where you sprint from table to table, hoping to find a spark in just a few minutes. The key to success? Great questions! Knowing what to ask (and answer) can make all the difference. To give you a head start, we’ve compiled the top 10 questions that are practically guaranteed to pop up during your speed dating sessions. Ready, set, date! 


“What do you do for a living?”

This classic icebreaker helps set the stage for understanding your date's daily life and passions. Just remember, it’s more about finding out what makes them tick than their job title. 


“What do you do for fun?”

Hobbies and interests are the heart of this question. Whether it’s bungee jumping or knitting, discovering shared activities can quickly create a connection. 


“Have you travelled anywhere interesting lately?”

Travel stories not only reveal adventurous spirits but also make for captivating conversation. Plus, they offer insight into your date’s curiosity and openness to new experiences. 


“What’s your favourite book/movie/TV show?”

Everyone loves talking about their favourite entertainment. This question can uncover shared tastes and is a great way to keep the conversation lively and engaging. 


“Do you have any pets?”

Pet owners often have a soft spot for fellow animal lovers. Whether they’re a cat person, dog person, or have an exotic pet, this question can reveal a nurturing side. 


“What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?”

Food is a universal language. Talking about favourite meals can lead to discussions about cooking skills, favourite restaurants, and maybe even a future dinner date. 


“What’s your idea of a perfect day?”

This question dives deeper into what makes your date happy and content. It’s a great way to see if your lifestyles and values align. 


“Are you more of an early bird or a night owl?”

Finding out someone’s daily rhythm can be surprisingly revealing. It might seem trivial, but it can speak volumes about compatibility in terms of energy levels and schedules. 


“What’s something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet?”

Aspirations and bucket list items can tell you a lot about a person’s dreams and ambitions. It’s also a fun way to inspire and share future plans. 


“What are you looking for in a relationship?"

This question gets to the heart of what your date is seeking. Whether it’s companionship, adventure, or something more serious, their answer can give you valuable insight into their relationship goals. 


Ready to Put These Questions to the Test? 

Armed with these top 10 questions, you’re all set to ace your next speed dating event. Remember, it’s not just about what you ask, but also how you listen and engage with the answers. 

So, are you ready to meet someone new and exciting? Don’t miss out on your chance to join the fun! Book your spot at our next speed dating event with Original Dating and put these questions to the ultimate test. 

Head over to Original Dating to secure your spot and start your journey to finding that special someone. Happy dating! 




The beauty of Speed Dating London lies in its no-nonsense approach. You take an equal number of single girls and guys, put them in a room and give them a few minutes to chat with every other member of the opposite sex.

When you get there

Original speed dating events in London normally begin at 7.30pm. You will need to register with our hosts and to begin with they will issue you with a score sheet. This will help you to keep track of the singles that you would like to meet again and perhaps go on a date with. After a short period of mingling, your host for the evening who will run through detailed instructions and give you your starting position if you are a guy or table for the event if you are a girl.

Meet & Mingle

A London speed dating event is split into two halves, each lasting around an hour, there will be an interval at half time of about 15 minutes for speed dating London. You will have between 4 and 5 minutes with each person, after which you need to tick a box on your score sheet - "yes, I would like to meet this person again" or "no. Thanks but no thanks". Or "friend" if you'd like to get to know them platonically. Make sure that you do this after each date to keep track. Afterwards there is an opportunity for everyone to meet and mingle informally - this is often where the real action begins, so make sure you don't disappear too quickly!

Complete your score sheet

After the event you simply tick who you liked on the Original Dating website and the site works about your matches automatically. If the dates you have ticked as a "yes" have reciprocated you have a match. You will be able to view the first names and message them via our site online without revealing your email address until you are ready to. You'll be having proper first dates in no time.