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Hampshire is one of the UK's largest counties with a population close to 2 million, it's even home to the former capital of England. This grand county of Hampshire has been home to the likes of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen which no doubt supplied inspiration for their epic stories. Original Dating want to write another epic story in the history books and bring some quality speed dating to Hampshire. The story goes a little something like this....

Original Dating, London's leading speed dating and singles events organisers had been running the best events in London but had forgotten there was a whole other world outside the city walls. They had created such innovative and successful dating events, but had forgotten about the beautiful people of Hampshire. So annoyed with their failings they decided to share the wealth, climb the towering walls and set forth for Hampshire. The people of Hampshire thought they had it all, with such great history and picturesque scenery, nobody realised there was one thing missing....quality speed dating. The successful and valiant Original Dating launched their well organised and very popular events and Hampshire lived happily ever after.

So the story goes...but how does speed dating work?

Speed dating is the fun and easy way to meet new people. It consists of 4 minute dates in quick succession, this means you can meet up to 20 people in one night. This flirtatious night allows plenty of time to mingle and get to know one another. With a 10 minute break half way through to top up those drinks, it really is a great night out.

What happens when I like someone?

Well that's where we come in with our trusty bespoke online matching system. Simply enter your matches the following day to find out who liked you back. You'll be chatting and making dinner plans in no time!

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