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Speed dating makes meeting people easy. Enjoy Up to 20 fun dates over a few drinks. Our fun events are the best in town and online. Check out virtual speed dating.
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Stevenage is situated 28 miles from London and on a major road network, is now home to Original Dating’s legendary events meaning you don’t have to trek to the capital for some speed dating fun. Stevenage has some famous sons including the hugely popular racing driver, Lewis Hamilton. Be quick off the grid and sign up for one of our speed dating events in Stevenage. Once we wave the chequered flag, who knows what you might bag as a prize.

Formula One.

Original Dating’s famous speed dating evenings in Stevenage are all part of our legendary formula. Combine this with our unique online matching system and you will never look at another dating app again. Mixing the best of technology with real life. We put the meeting first before the conversation so you only chat with people who share that special chemistry. It’s a winning formula!

Who we are.

Original Dating has been running speed dating events in the capital for years. Now, we are rolling out our programme across the UK and choosing towns and cities where there is a great vibe, just like Stevenage. We rate our success in the number of relationships that blossom after our introduction. Not every romance lasts forever but we can let it slip that we have heard the peal of wedding bells on at least one occasion.

How does speed dating work?

Find Stevenage on our events programme and open an online account so you can put your name down on the guest list. We will contact you with details of the exact venue and time, all you have to do is turn up.

Original Dating will research and choose just the right location. On arrival, you can expect an equal number of men and women. The evening is split into two with a refreshment break halfway through to give you the chance to recharge your glass.

Each speed date lasts for four minutes - we have established that this is the perfect window, long enough to detect a flicker of interest and mutual attraction and short enough to avoid embarrassment and awkwardness if that person really isn’t for you. Linger when the event is over to chat with some new found friends and acquaintances. Speed dating in Stevenage is just great fun and lacks all the pressure and unpredictability of blind dates or internet meetings.

What happens next?

Hop online and enter your answers – a simple, yes, no or maybe – into our system and our tailored matching system will collate your replies and do the rest. You won’t be pursued by those who definitely didn’t catch your eye and our mid-range category of ‘maybe’ allows you to stay in contact with people from your home town who may go on to become just good friends. Enter your answers within 24 hours of the speed dating event

Enjoy all the benefits of online dating with the fun and security of speed dating in Stevenage.

What are you waiting for?

Open your online account today and why not sign up for our newsletter, filled with interesting stories and article about dating and some hot tips for your first speed dating event in Stevenage. Get ahead of the crowd with Original Dating. Our dates and venues in Stevenage are listed further up this page. Team up with the best in the business - Original Dating.



The beauty of Speed Dating Stevenage lies in its no-nonsense approach. You take an equal number of single girls and guys, put them in a room and give them a few minutes to chat with every other member of the opposite sex.

When you get there

Original speed dating events in Stevenage normally begin at 7.30pm. You will need to register with our hosts and to begin with they will issue you with a score sheet. This will help you to keep track of the singles that you would like to meet again and perhaps go on a date with. After a short period of mingling, your host for the evening who will run through detailed instructions and give you your starting position if you are a guy or table for the event if you are a girl.

Meet & Mingle

A Stevenage speed dating event is split into two halves, each lasting around an hour, there will be an interval at half time of about 15 minutes for speed dating Stevenage. You will have between 4 and 5 minutes with each person, after which you need to tick a box on your score sheet - "yes, I would like to meet this person again" or "no. Thanks but no thanks". Or "friend" if you'd like to get to know them platonically. Make sure that you do this after each date to keep track. Afterwards there is an opportunity for everyone to meet and mingle informally - this is often where the real action begins, so make sure you don't disappear too quickly!

Complete your score sheet

After the event you simply tick who you liked on the Original Dating website and the site works about your matches automatically. If the dates you have ticked as a "yes" have reciprocated you have a match. You will be able to view the first names and message them via our site online without revealing your email address until you are ready to. You'll be having proper first dates in no time.